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We invite you to stop in, relax, and place your soles in our hands to experience deep relaxation and the many healing benefits of Reflexology! This ancient healing art is a non-invasive therapy. You remain fully clothed while lying in a comfortable, heated chair. Reflexologists and many cultures believe that the entire body is mirrored on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body through a system of reflexes. Reflexology is the application of pressure to the reflex areas and rubbing of the feet and hands to encourage the body, mind and spirit to function optimally, as well as to help promote relaxation. Reflexology feels wonderful and relieves tension and inflammation, but is not massage. This therapy can be traced back to several cultures; the Chinese, the ancient Indians, and the Egyptians. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before scheduling your session.

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Reflexology Services

Facial Reflexology

Add on to foot reflexology or reiki for a truly balanced session. We often don’t realize the tension and stress that our facial muscles hold transmitting to our entire body. Tension is created by mundane activities: chewing, grinding teeth, tired or straining eyes, even laughter. Our faces are the first place we express or suppress emotions. Facial Reflexology is deeply soothing, and stimulates points and zones that trigger the release of endorphins and serotonin, leaving one to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

15 min session | $25

Therapeutic Foot Reflexology

Your feet will be wrapped in warm, moist towels to induce relaxation. The session will include an application of soothing lotion together with a combination of pressure point application. With your permission, warm stones are sometimes incorporated into a session to warm and loosen tight reflex areas on the feet. Feel your whole body relax just through the power of touch on the feet.

Note: The amount of pressure used in a session is tailored to each client’s personal preference. We encourage our clients to be comfortable in communicating the pressure they desire. Please remember that reflexology is effective even if a lighter touch is used.

30 min session | $35

45 min session | $45

60 min session | $60 *ON SALE! $54 for a limited time


The Cozy Escape  *customer favorite!

This session starts with your hands being gently massaged with a deep hydrating cream then slipped into warm mitts, while the rest of your body is nestled under a warm blanket. Drift into an alpha state of relaxation while you experience an hour of foot reflexology.

60 min session | $85

New! Gemstone Reflexology

Gemstones are incredible. They each contain healing properties (for instance, the heliotrope helps strengthen the immune system), possess powerful energies, and have a profound resonance with the human body.
Healing energy from gemstones used in conjunction with reflexology (and massage!) provides an elevated level of holistic healing. It helps trigger the bodies self healing energies for a wide variety of physical and mental conditions so many of us suffer from.  Want to know more? We're happy to demonstrate and share our knowledge on gemstones at your next session. 


New! Canine Reflexology

Our Master Reflexologist is also certified in canine reflexology. Reflexology can benefit dogs in similar ways it benefits humans. It helps to relieve stress by bringing energy to the pressure points in your dogs paws. Your dog will be healthier and happier by relieving this stress. Reflexology can even help to ease certain health problems your pet might be experiencing. Please consult with your veterinarian before using reflexology on an animal, especially if they are experiencing health issues! Reflexology applies pressure to the paws, which causes toxins to pool in those areas, and could potentially make problems worse. We schedule in a few extra minutes to ensure your dog is comfortable after entering the new space.

15 min session | $30

Multi-Session Wellness Packages

(4) 30 min Reflexology or Reiki gift cards   $130 
(4) 45 min Reflexology or Reiki gift cards   $170 

(4) 60 min Reflexology or Reiki gift cards   $225 
(4) 90 min Reflexology or Reiki gift cards   $345

Inquire about adding aromotherapy or reiki to your session.

Frequency of the sessions for all wellness packages is at your discretion and package sessions are transferable, so they may be shared with a friend or family member.
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