What our Clients Say

I love the hand reflexology exercises, they have helped me greatly: stimulation, elimination and sleep. I woke up this morning feeling terrible after 2 very late nights and early morning risings with foolish foods to boot! I was really sluggish and hurting and exhausted. I did the hand reflexology exercises twice and rubbed my feet across a reflex bar and low and behold I came awake, felt energized and my kidneys and bowels kicked in. It gave me my day back!

-Diane C.


My sleep patterns have improved greatly; in turn my energy level is much higher. After a number of reflexology session, I was finally relieved of the chronic pain in my lungs and chest area. I n o longer have the labored breathing discomfort I suffered with. I have my occasional down days but overall I have experienced some very positive changes in my health. I am very consistent with my reflexology sessions and feel the commitment is very worthwhile.

-Heather A.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Living with daily chronic pain, my weekly reflexology sessions with Jane are what I look forward to the most! It is the best way to completely relax, de-stress, and give my feet some pain relief! I am so glad I met her.



Thank you for all the positive things I receive from our “reflexology sessions” !

-Jim J.

Thank you for all the positive things I receive from our “reflexology sessions” ! -Kathy